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TORVALD TIMBER PRODUCTION is a family-owned company with experience in the woodworking and production field for more than 100 years. Founded in 1916 in Sweden, we have been operating in Latvia since 2004 combining the high quality Swedish materials with Latvian expert craftsmanship. We are producing high-added value products from pine, oak and exotic hardwood materials. Being environmentally and socially conscious, we have acquired the FSC® certificate (licence number FSC-C018291). FSC certified products available on demand. 



To achieve the best results, we offer a full production cycle from design and technical drawing to production and shipping. Sourcing high quality materials from our long term Swedish suppliers keeps enough security stock for each of our customers and allows us to make prompt and in-time deliveries when necessary.

Children playground components

Our main products are wooden components for children playgrounds. We offer a full production cycle from technical drawing to finished items. For the components we are using the best possible materials from Sweden and other trusted sources. We are working with pine, oak and different hardwood species, all materials are FSC certified and we grade all materials according to customers requirements. Finished products include solid and glued beams, solid and finger jointed boards with different profiles as well as pressure treated items. We offer crosscutting, repairs, profiling, gluing, finger jointing, any drillings, end routing, turning, assembly, packaging and do other processing at customers request. We supply more than a thousand different playground components for our customers all around the world.

Glued beams and
finger jointed material

Production of finger joint material as well as glued beams from fixed and finger jointed pine. Using the advanced EPI glue allows glueing beams up to 160mm in width.


CNC machined items

Potential to produce almost any CNC job from wood, MDF or plastic. Over the years we have produced furniture parts, children toys, playground parts and many 3D models in a variety of traditional and bespoke composite materials. Currently operating two CNC machines and using one of the best CAM softwares available today - AlphaCam. 

Components for
wooden houses

Production of insulated studs for wooden houses. Using a special press allows us to precisely produce various studs using individual metal plates and insulation materials.



Apart from finished products, we also provide grading, profiling, crosscutting, drilling, CNC machining, pressure treatment, adding metal and plastic parts, repairing any wood defects, assembling complex parts and packing and marking each item according to customer specification. We have the flexibility to meet your company's demands and can provide bespoke and time-sensitive woodworking services. 

Wood kilning

We operate three fully automatic EISENMANN kilning chambers, which allows to process wood of any size and species.

Finger jointing

While producing for customers all over Europe, we have learned to produce the best quality finger jointed products.


Offers of calibrating and 4 side profiling. We have a WEINIG 4 side planer which allows profiling of a high precision.

Beam gluing

Production of glued beams from fixed and finger jointed material. Possible to use the advanced EPI glue or any other glue according to clients specifications to glue beams up to 160mm width.

Wood optimising

Operating a PAUL optimisation line allows us to efficiently get maximum yield of wood on any quality criteria. Therefore, we can offer wood optimisation and defect cutting services. 

Cross cutting

We operate many different cross cut saws which allows us to do cross cutting services precisely and efficiently.

CNC machining

Operating two CNC machines and using AlphaCam operating program allows us to do almost any CNC machining job.

Repairing wood defects

We work with two AYEN defect repair machines and have many custom tools which guarantees almost perfect repairs on most wooden defects.

Custom drillings

A custom-built drilling machine allows us to do bespoke and non-standard drilling works precisely and efficiently.

Press for wooden frames

We operate a special press for adding metal parts to frame house components. Such pressing ensures perfect size and durability of ready-made frame parts. 


“Samtenes”, Slampe, Slampes pagasts,
Tukuma novads, LV – 3119, Latvia


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